I like getting emails from cool people

Say Hello – I’d love to hear from you. Who are you? Where are you? How are you? Did you resonate with something I said? Did something make you laugh because it was f@cking TRUE, but NO ONE says that schizzle? Do you think you might want to work together, but you don’t know what that looks like, or you’re intimidated to reach out because everyone on the internet seems like a f@cking legend? Not-to-worry. I’m a professional ‘standard lower-er; and I once had to shit in a 24-ounce coffee cup in the back of my SUV because I didn’t read the instructions on how to come off the ‘Master Cleanse.’ Reach out. I’m your people.

Writing Funny Shit About Life The Universe and Everything – Ask me to write something special for your magazine, journal, newsletter, or your grandmas birthday card. You can also get lost down the rabbit hole of my existing writing right here (link to blog).

Speaking Engagements –  Talking to large groups of people falls under my list of “fun avenues in which I really like to play with others and expose myself.” Conferences, retreats, network functions, churches (I don’t HAVE to swear). Any gathering of people works for me.

Course Co-Creation – Have an idea for a cool-ass course you think we could do together? Great! Invite me to dinner, or we can order some take-out pasta, and talk about it excitedly while waving garlic bread around. 


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