The 3 Ways People Deal with Their Thoughts

Aug 30, 2019

Michael Macentyre’s: “How People Deal with Bees and Wasps” as a metaphor for how people deal with the thinking in their heads: 

1) WAFTERS – You’ve been at this for a while: hanging around or studying enlightened people; being really annoying to the rest of us ‘cause you’ve SEEN the separation between you and your thinking. You cool-ly go through life. You get down, sure, but you ‘waft it away,’ and we all want to be like you. I do your courses, your retreats. I read your books and listen to your podcasts. I want to waft too. (and people sign up for my schizzle because they think I’m a wafter. HA!)

2) STAY-STILLERS – You’ve just learned that your experience comes from the thoughts in your head in the moment, and you get really serious about that concept. So you start thinking about your thinking, and advise others with clichés like: “it’s just your thinking;” or “be still, and they’ll pass like clouds in the sky…” You get really serious about not taking life so seriously, and it’s no longer acceptable to have negative emotions because that means you ‘don’t get it’. Hint that you might be a stay-stiller: you often use the phrase: “I get it intellectually,” or “Just look to the One-ness,” or “Whatever you do, DON’T resist it! That’ll just aggravate it more.” 

3) TOTAL PANICKERS – You’re like most of the world and think that the thoughts in your head are real, and if you can just figure them out – if you can mine the data in your head for the answers – everything will be ok; and you do that for, like, ever. Panickers never get stung by ‘getting it intellectually,’ or ‘it’s just your thinking,’ because there isn’t a friggin’ difference between them and the thoughts. [Sometimes I wish I could go back to that – it makes a lot more sense to the rest of the world. Sometimes I wish I could put the toothpaste back in the tube – Panickers are never pegged as woo-woo, weirdos.]

4) WAFTERS WHO UPGRADE TO PANICKERS – …this is me. I think I’m cool, then I’m not. It’s like the jellyfish… all beautiful and floaty, swimming swimming by you… life, yay. Nature, yay. Challenges, whateves… observing… and then ZZZZZZT! Got cha! Your kid pisses you off, and it’s definitely NOT your thinking – she’s just a DICK. And you get your period, and everything and everybody sucks. And you want ALL the toys back and you’re never going to play with anyone ever again. And you want to quit what you’re doing and weave blankets for tripping hippies, or pick lice whilst reading tarot cards and selling ice cream on a beach in Malibu for a living (because how could you EVER help anyone while still a wafter-panicker?)

Fuck! Time for an Echart Tolle/ Michael Neill /Mooji/Jesus Christ podcast. 

OR! A Michael Mcintyer bit, because really what’s required right now is some snort-laughing.

Snort-laughing fixes everything.



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